Why Apple ‘was’ Successful


Every Apple product, may it be iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPods, iPads, has always had a fan following of its own. Fans line up in front of the Apple stores, at every new launch, just to make sure that they get to be one amongst the first few to get their hands on the amazing new piece of technology.

Just like ‘George Lucas’ and ‘Star Wars’ have independent identities of their own, Apple has always claimed a celebrity status that was separate from that of its CEO, ‘Steve Jobs’. Although, the fact still remains that it was Jobs, who made Apple into a company which could have its own fan-following.

Steve Jobs had been successful in doing what only a few folks before him were able to do. This exemplary genius gave animate qualities to something inanimate and abstract like a ‘brand name’. Jobs transformed ‘Apple-The Company’ into ‘Apple-The Person’; a feat only Frankenstein had accomplished prior to him.

The brilliant Jobs had realised very early in his career that if one was to buy a product or a gizmo, one would compare its technological readiness with other products in the similar price range and then buy the one that fits the budget best. Therefore, instead of marketing Apple Gizmos as products, Jobs implanted the entire company with human values and emotions. He turned Apple into a brand that was ‘empathetic’ towards its employees, ‘sympathetic’ towards the environment, ‘loyal and respectful’ towards the wealthy buyers and ‘understanding’ towards the not-so-wealthy ones. As people could connect to the company and its products at an emotional and psychological level, they followed Apple and all its Gadgets as they would follow human-celebrities.

Although, I personally feel that ‘Tim Cook’ has not been able to carry on with the legacy that Jobs has left behind. Of course, Cook has the right to implement his own vision into the company and its products but this freedom that he is exercising is going to make Apple pay the price. The recently launched ‘iPhone X’ is already being compared with other gadgets in the similar price range by both reviewers and customers. If Cook does not cast his magical spell in the next instalment, Apple might soon lose both its celebrity status and its faithful admirers who connected with the company at a sentimental level.

CHai Tapri – The Tangible Social Network


In the age of digitalisation, where intangible Internet mediums are creating unseen distances amongst loved ones, the Café Culture that has become highly popular in the recent times in India, has stepped in to remedy the situation.
The Café’s in India have now outgrown their original purpose of serving beverages and now act more like a tangible social network. The new Indian definition of a Café is a place, where people can rekindle their relationships over a cup of a delicious and refreshing beverage.

One such novel and exciting concept that is revolutionising the Café industry in India, (which also happens to be my personal favourite), is a fast-growing chain of Café’s known as ‘CHai Tapri’.

Realising the fact that a hard-working, middle class Indian cannot be satisfied simply with a cup of tea after he finishes a day of hard work, CHai Tapri soon adopted to its customer’s needs.

Along with a soothing and calming cup of hot or cold beverage to dampen your physical irritability CHai Tapri also serves as a place where people can meet their loved ones in person and spend some quality time with those people that make you feel truly relaxed, both mentally and emotionally.

5 Things to avoid when in love with a best friend : Bollywood Love Lessons (Part 1)

Anjalee Friendzoned

‘Kuch Hota Hai Rahul; Tum Nahin Samjhoge!’
(You wouldn’t know how it feels Rahul)

This iconic phrase, along with many others in the movie, has created one of the greatest blockbuster hit called ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ in the history of Bollywood in India. Even the generation of Millenials must have watched this movie more than once on Indian television.
Although, this film, like most of the Bollywood films, is a great resource for a relationship ‘not-to-do’ list.
You ask how? Here goes of the K2H2 not-to-do list –
Things not to do when you fall in love with a best friend: –

1. Sudden Irrational Makeovers: –
The first thing that Anjalee did when she realised that she is in love with Rahul is to change her entire personality in order to match the image of beauty that Rahul is looking for. Although her attempt was commendable, not only did she fail at it miserably but this attempt also further ruined her chances with Rahul.
If you fall in love with your best friend, you should know that she/he has already seen you in all the kinds of attires that you have ever worn. If you want to get noticed her/his perspective needs to be changed instead of your wardrobe; which is possible only through sharing your feelings in words.

2. Being a bit too sure: –
If you remember the movie well, Anjalee starts to have feelings for Rahul only when Tina enters their life. In fact, till the time that Rahul starts showing genuine interest in Tina, Anjalee doesn’t even care about the long list of girls that Rahul flirts with.
If you think that you are in love with your best friend, it is always better to make sure that your new-found emotions are indeed genuine and that it is not plain simple jealousy or possessiveness. The fear of loss of a person who is extremely close to you can make you do insane things including (and I am not kidding) getting married to her/him. So take your time and be extremely sure of your intention before you take any irrevocable action.

3. Running away from rejection: –
Tough I love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the whole sequence where Anjalee uproots her entire life and shifts back to her hometown only to avoid being the third wheel, seemed to me not only as non-sensical but also juvenile. The whole sequence is a visual representation of a crappy young-adult romance novel.
Whether you are rejected by your best friend in person or you happen to know that she/he loves someone else, that does not give you the right to run away.
Whatever kind of a relationship it may be, it is never larger than your own life. Further, whatever the situation be, the farther you run away from it, worse is it’s bite at a later date. It is always better to face the situation, talk to your bestie and sort things out instead of packing your bags and fleeing the scene.

4. Accepting to be the backup plan: –
To be honest, I was furious when Anjalee learned of Tina’s death and then started to be cool with Rahul’s childish flirtations. If she had any self-respect, she would never have accepted the second place in Rahul’s life.
The film apart, in real life, many times when rejections from besties turn into counterproposals, one tends to bless his fate and accept it willingly. Though almost always the counterproposal is presented because her/his true love rejected her/him in the first place.
A best friend is not a backup plan, even if she/he is in love with you.

5. Letting the good one go: –
Just like many others, I too cried during the climax of the movie. Although, other cried because Rahul and Anjalee were finally together and I cried for Salman who happily parted with Anjalee even though he deserved her companionship more than Rahul.
At times, we are so consumed by our quest to gain the attention of our bestie, whom we now love, that we totally ignore the ‘good girl/guy’ who is ready to drown us in attention if need be. Unfortunately, the good girl/guy never gets the girl/guy.

Book Review: The Diary of A Young Girl

The book is quite popular for painting a picture of the horrors faced by Jews during the second world war, although I personally think that this book is more than just that.

The Diary of a Young Girl is a window into the soul of almost every teenage girl who is on a journey towards becoming a woman. This book is a bible for those who intend to truly understand the psychology of a woman from a sensitive, humanistic and empathetic perspective.

I would recommend this book to every book-reader not only because it is a great book but also because reading it will in a way contribute to making Anne Frank’s dream of never dying, come true.

Book Review: And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)

‘And Then There Were None’ is not just another great novel. It is the greatest literary masterpiece created by the fabulous author Dame ‘Agatha Christie’.

If the book was a piece of Art, it would have been preserved in the British Museum (Christie being English). As the author herself pointed out, the book took a tremendous amount of planning and organisation which is evident to the reader throughout the novel. I could not find a single word in the book that did not serve a purpose in there. Even the greatest writers of our time are unable to write with such precision.

The story, without spoilers, will go like this: – Ten unsuspecting strangers are stranded on an island and they start dying one after the other under highly mysterious circumstances. That is all the summary one needs to know to understand the storyline of the novel. This fact, in itself, is so ridiculously awesome that I am unable to believe it even as I write it. I couldn’t have dreamt in my wildest dreams that a book which consists of ten different characters can be summed up in a single sentence.

Further, unlike any other novel, which is not quite restricted by time or space, the characters in this book are restricted in a relatively confined space and have a limited amount of time, with no significant business or chore to carry out. Yet, the story keeps going on without any overly detailed character sketches or unneeded incidences. In fact, the whole book is made up of only those incidences which are in themselves murders or are closely preceding one.

 It might be impossible to describe the book without obvious antithesis. The plot is extremely complex and yet it is so simple to read. The characters are vivid and full of life and yet hardly described at all. The story is narrated from 10 points of view and yet it doesn’t go in the first-person ever. Although the greatest of antithesis is that the author tells you how exactly are the murders going to be executed even before the story begins yet the mystery goes on and on up until the very last page. Not the last victim. The last page. (Ops… Almost a spoiler).

I would recommend this book to every reader out there. No matter whether you are a voracious one or an amateur one, I bet you cannot put this book down once you start to read it.

It certainly one book that is, in the truest sense of the word, UNPUTDOWNABLE.

Relationship ≠ Ownership

Relationship ≠ Ownership

I have been through a fair share of unsuccessful relationships and have had my heart broken quite a few times in the past. I always blamed my ex-partners for the destruction of the ‘something real’ that I thought was between us because I  firmly believed in Ian Fleming’s quote, ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action!’

It took me a lot of failed relationships (romantic as well as platonic) to realise that the above quote was written particularly for James Bond and cannot be applied in a generalised manner in case of Tom, Dick or Harry (including myself). For simpletons like me, the third time is always a pattern and not a good one at that.

With the help of some brutally honest and critically murderous friends, I soon came to see the pattern that was causing all my relationships to tumble down the hill of conflicts into the pit of breakups. I was further shocked when I realised that it was me and not my ex-partners who were responsible for the downfall.

I have always dedicated my entire life past, present and future, to whomever I have fallen in love with and I expected my partner to do the same for me if she says that she is in love with me ( I thought that was a reasonable expectation. Silly me). My friends, however (the brutally critical ones mentioned above) made me realise that no matter how dedicated I had been to my partners, I had always expected them to leave me alone when I wanted some time to myself. (and being a writer, that happened quite frequently). They made me aware of the fact that this alone time that I expected for myself was my way of asking for the liberty and freedom that every human being (single or in a relationship) craves as an evolutionary necessity and deserves as a human-right. I became aware of the fact that my expectation for such unconditional dedication from my partners without offering its reciprocal, was only a masked attempt of declaring ownership upon my partner. I unknowingly was trying to turn her into nothing more than a mere slave. Though my ex-partners initially gave in to my ludicrous demands, they might have not been able to carry on with it as being enslaved (when you have an option not to) goes against our very basic survival instinct. Maybe that is why all my relationships have always broken up without any forewarnings or explanations from the other side.

Although I might not claim to have eradicated this flaw of mine completely, I sure have started working on it and this small change in the pattern has made some huge positive changes in all my relationships. I may not be an expert, but I know from experience that all of us, every now and then, tend to go a little overboard with the expectations in our relationships. May it be our partner, our friends or at times even our family members, it is imperative that we always make sure that we are not asking too much of the other person. Because after all, ‘Relationship is not equal to Ownership’.

Let’s Create a Masterpiece

Brewing my own coffee and savouring the delightful taste of the personal labour (no matter how trivial) has become more of an evening tradition than a simple chore for me over the past few years. Despite all those years of being my own Barista, it was only yesterday that I suddenly had a profound realisation when I started pouring the lukewarm white milk in the steaming blackish espresso. Even though I had carried out this process for more than a few hundred times before, this time I was amazed as to how the two colours started to blend in the cup, only to form an entirely different one.

Although I probably had learnt quite early in life that mixing two or more primary colours is the way to form various others, the Nerd (and the crappy artist) in me was more concerned with the various chemical reactions occurring during the process of brewing and its effects on the flavour of my coffee for all these years. No matter how juvenile this sounds, I admit that at that moment, the changing of colours almost made me feel like an Artist who has just finished creating his masterpiece. As I savoured the sweet sense of success instead of the bitter coffee for a change, I wondered whether I will feel just as fulfilled, if I try to find art even in those chores of the day that I hate to carry out?

In extension, I also urge all you readers to try this change of perspective in your daily lives and let me know whether it benefitted you in any manner at all. The worst that could happen is that you get assured that you indeed are a crappy Artist. Although, if this works, we might soon run out of sadness and pessimism. So, let us create an artistic masterpiece of our own in our daily lives.

Caution: – The feeling of fulfilment is highly addictive. To avoid a habit forming behaviour of optimism, do not try this at home.

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